I had to carry less, so my smartphone replaced my main camera

Fact #1: In the past few months I’ve using my smartphone as my main camera. The reason is that I have to carry so many things that I had to remove anything that was not absolutely necessary. And the truth is that I can live for a short period of time with a Leica camera attached on my smartphone and no other camera.

Fact #2: I miss shooting with a normal camera soooo much! The dials for settings and the shutter button is so nice to use that can never be replaced with a phone. I really miss my Fuji camera that has been sitting on the desk for so long now.

I am sharing some of my favourite photos from the past weeks. I took a trip to Poros island and some walks in Athens that was hot like hell this July! Hope you will enjoy them and forgive that they were shot using a poor Huawei smartphone, instead of a bigger camera.