Slow-motion multitask

I have a new habit. I listen to podcasts each morning on my way to work. It is an interesting way to fill the lost time in traffic of the morning commute, with educating conversations and thoughts. Even thought music is always a good company, podcasts boost my creative thinking and help me learn new things.

I started of course with podcasts related to photography. News about cameras, about other photographers and shooting technics. 

Last week I subscribed to TED Talks Daily on the Google Podcasts app. While surfing among the new episodes, my attention was caught by an episode called A powerful way to unleash your natural creativity by Tim Harford. The author started with the idea that doing more than one things simultaneously, is bad for us, which I totally agree. Continuing his arguments that were supported by examples of very successful scientists, he arrived to the conclusion that multitasking in projects, actually could be good. He argued that taking many multiple and different projects at the same period of time, gives our brain the opportunity to learn something from one area and apply it to another. Find a solution to one problem on one project, while being stuck to a different problem on another project. 

While hearing his thoughts, I was debating in my mind that this theory could be applied in photography, as well as in many areas. When we have a photography task or just simply searching for ways to improve our hobby, we are searching for new lenses, new light strobes etc. In parallel with that, we could distancing ourselves  and start a new task. A visit in galleries, a new tv series or a new book. This would introduce our mind to new stimuli and ideas that could help us make a breakthrough in other areas.

Below you may find some photos I took in the last month.

I hope you enjoy them.