The battle for full frame has begun

August passed by in fast forward and here we are again deep in September.

It is the month of new iPhones, new school year for kinds in Greece and new cameras that will be uncovered in Photokina. I don’t go to school any more, don’t plan to buy a new iPhone this year, nevertheless my mind is stuck in buying a new camera.

We saw recently the new Fujifilm X-T3 but I wasn’t impressed. Optical image stabilization should be present in this new model or at least something important to justify the upgrade from X-T2. It would be a good choice, if you don’t own an X-T2 and if you can ignore the offers for an X-T2 that are found everywhere at this moment.

And then there is the mirrorless war that has been emerged recently. New full frame cameras from Nikon, Canon and maybe Panasonic will hit the market soon. I find Sony to be the sexiest among them all.

I’ll try to be reasonable and ignore the Sony A7M2 for now, untill I make the final decision to move from APS-C to full frame. They have bigger lenses and are heavier, neither is handy for the street photography that I love. The micro 4/3 system, on the other hand, seems to be dying.

Below you may find some of my favorite photos from the last Summer month. Their value will be higher to me, as the weather will get colder and colder.

(click on any image to view the gallery)